Wednesday, August 8, 2012

There have been so many wonderful thing going on in my world.  Our family went to Las Vegas for a basketball tournament.  Luke was playing and Eli and I were getting pumped up for an adventure.  We went to Zion and Bracy Canyon.   We rented a sporty convertible and hit the road.  We saw a field of ostrich, a tree covered in ladies bras, a tree of boot...  The surprises were endless!  The Canyons were spectacular and the company was hilarious.

Of course I stitched along the way
this is a design of Pins and Needles which can only be located at Carriage Country Quilts in DesMoines, WA. I love it and will complete it at the Quilt Retreat in September.  Oh I have SO many unfinished things to take to that retreat.  Holy moly I will be busy. 

I have been working diligently on my shabby fabrics blocks. 

I am still finishing up blocks 7 and 8 but am really having fun with the design.

Then there is the fall.  I always work on fall projects.  The pumpkin design makes me smile.  I have made this about six times but keep giving it away.  So I think I will make a pillow and keep it!

This fabric is very heavy so I used Transfer Eze to place down the design.  You can see it on the Giving Thanks piece.  I have not yet soaked it off.  I have a couple words of advice.  Do not use dyed floss, it will run.  If you do then a q-tip and a tiny amount of bleach could help.  The tide stick did not help at all.  Also when you put the Transfer Eze in your printer select the fast draft setting.  It will used less ink and therefore you do not risk the printer ink blending with your lighter flosses.  Just saying. 

AND once last year I totally completed the pumpkin design. I tried to put in water with a little vinegar to desolve the transer Eze and preserve the dyes.  TOTAL DISASTER.  The Transfer Eze to white as Elmer's glue and would stuck to the fabric as well.  I had to scrap the 10 hour project.  So word to the wise, only disolve in water.

Now I have to start designing a t-shirt quilt for my husband.  It has been churning around in my head for months.  It is time to make it real.  Really real...

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