Saturday, June 9, 2012

Working on a few things.  I have been downloading the BOM from Shabby Fabrics.  It is a mystery quilt.  The fun part is Kathy and Colleen (2 of my sisters) are creating the quilt as well.  I am so exceted to see how differently they all turn out.

EXCITING news.  At my Stray Threads quilt guild meeting last week I won a raffle.  We were all givien a piece of focus fabric and told to go home and create a 12" square.  You receive a raffle ticket for each 12" square you have created.  They raffle 9 blocks off at a time.  So I WON.  And so did Bette Kelly the love.  She gave me her blocks when she heard I was going to make a Camp Korey donation quilt with my winnings.  Now I have 18 blocks.  It is awesome.

At the guild meeting as well we have a challenge to create something with the theme "flowers".  We had 4-5 months to work on the projects.  The submissions were beautiful.  I have added  the embroidery work that I submitted.  It was fun to do.  The design from  I love her patterns. 

Now... CRAZY ME... joined a Bunco group.  not because I need to roll dice and visit.  But because these woman are really fun and create an memorable evening.  So I have the month of October to host my event.  I am grabbing a needle and thread and getting started.  This group has gift and prizes.  I would tell you my plan... but it is secret.

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  1. Hello Mo! This is Fay, the designer of the embroidery pattern in this post. I'm always excited to see what crafters have done with my patterns. I love the colors you chose for your piece. It feels like spring. If you would go to my blog and send me a note through the Kontactr button, I'd like to ask you some questions. Hope to hear from you soon!