Tuesday, August 28, 2012

It is a Mad Dash Now

Ikes... I just realized that I have 2 1/2 weeks to prep for the retreat.  I have four blissful days to sew and create.  If any of you have ever been on a retreat you know that it goes much more smoothly if you are organized.  So today I layed out the pieces of the T-shirt quilt I was prepping.  Only to find out that I had only prepped 1/3rd of it.  Where are the cutting organizing fairies when you need them.  Now I have to figure out the sashing that I want for this quilt. 

Then I thought of the Christmas pattern and how I never did figure out the border.  Yikes, all my off whites are too creamy or too stark.  What am i going to do... 

I promised my self that i would not buy fabric this year.  I was going to stash bust it all.  That lasted until yesterday.  $140 at the Red Barn in Puyallup.  What fun ladies!! So alas I made it until August 27th.  That is 239 days!  I am feeling proud.  Wait I think I also remember a little white on white to create the Christmas embroidery.  Oh MAN...  Busted...

I have a almost new love.  It is Pinterest.  I say almost because I have only played with it for a minute and can see the potential of never logging off...  But I will be using it to pin things I do not wish to forget!

Ta ta for now

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