Thursday, February 26, 2015

I have been busy at work. My wonderful mother-in-law, who I just love, sent me a challenge. It was a challenge to design a pin cushion. Funny thing that I had been dabbling in miniature pin cushions at that very moment. So I began to investigate and create a pin cushion that required crafting wire.

I created the wonder and lost it. I pulled th whole house apart looking for it.... Then about 48 hours later I hear a noise at 4 AM. It is our puppy Remington throwing up. You got it...the wool came up but the wire did not. It led to a series of Xrays, endoscopy and two surgeries to finally recover the wire out of his liver. So traumatic.

This did not stop me from entering the contest. I will post a photo once I know if I am accepted into the competition.

Our guild is having the applique group create our next raffle quilt. It was quite the honor for them to let me create a portion for them. I will post the quilt as we complete it in May.

My next move is to complete a quilt for the American Heros. Red White and Blue!! Yeah!

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