Thursday, August 14, 2014

This summer has been Busy

We got a new puppy on April 28th. Remington is a Golden Retriever who is the love of our lives. He fits right in with our family and it has all been good. So our payment for the puppy is T-Shirt quilts. Yep, Brittany and Jordan graduated from High School this year and they have a stack of t-shirts that need to be transformed.

I am bragging here when I say that I pulled these off without a pattern. It looked so simple! I should have learned years ago when I thought I could teach myself to quilt. (insert belly laugh). Making sure all the squares and stripes lined up was a fun dilemma.

I have another to share soon. But if I post it, the recipient may get a spoiler alert. So in September I will post again. In the meantime I still have many t-shirts to play with the backs!

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