Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Baby Lock SErger Pattern for Dress a Girl Around the world

So this is the dress that I have made for "Dress a Girl Aournd the World" It is a wonderful organization that tries to ensure that every girl around this globe can have a dress. How awesome is that! I have taken the pattern from their website http://www.dressagirlaroundtheworld.com/ and adapted it for a Baby Lock Serger. This pattern goes together quickly and smoothly. 

To see serger tips go to my video on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vIgG4NMESk

Skill Level: BEGINNER

Pattern adapted from instruction on website.
Baby Lock - Evolution or Ovation
Ruffling Foot
Baby Lock Embroidery Machine (optional)
Baby Lock Sewing Machine
4 Spools Madeira Aerolock serger thread
1 Spools Madeira decorative embroidery thread (optional)
1 yard of cotton fabric.
10.5” x 5.5” piece of Fabric for Pocket (contrast coordinate will have embroidery design)
14” elastic (3/4”inch)
1 yard bias binding
Wonder Clips

Cut Instructions:

Focus Fabric
Cut the dress form 25” X 44 (WOF).
Cut two 5” X WOF
Cut 2” X 36” for bias strips
Pocket and Elastic
        (After you embroider on pocket design) cut two 5”x 5” squares
Cut two 7” lengths of elastic

1.     Fold the 25” X WOF in half lengthwise.
2.     Put the armhole template in place and cut. (template is placed on the side of fabric away from the fold.


3.     Attach the two 5” pieces together with an overlock stitch.
4.     Attach this long strip to the hem of the dress with the ruffling foot.     
       Serger Setting - 4 Thread Overlock
       Differential Feed set at 2
       Legnth of Stitch 4

5.     Use 4 thread overlock stitch close the seam up the side of the dress.
       Serger Setting - 4 Thread Overlock
       Differential Feed - N
       Legnth - 3.0

6.     At top edge of dress fold and press the fabric over 1/4”.
7.     Fold top edge of fabric over 1 ¼”. Press and sew closed with a chain stitch.  
8.  Put safety pin on one end of elastic. Put an anchor stitch at this and run elastic through opening to other end. Run another anchoring stich.
9.     Repeat steps 5-7 on back of dress.
10.  Create two double fold bias strips.
11.  Fold a strip in half and mark the midpoint. Use this midpoint as placement at the bottom of the armhole. Put the bias strip in place with wonder clips. Stitch bias strip with the cover stitch – right narrow

12.  Finish the hem of this dress with a 3 thread overlock - Narrow Hem.

13. All dresses should have at least one pocket that’s an appropriate size for the size of the dress with a minimum finished size of 5x5 inches. Cut 2 pieces of measured fabric for each pocket. One will act as the facing. If you wish to add lace, ribbon, rickrack, or add embroidery design etc., sew it to the front piece. With right sides together, start above the middle of one side and sew a backstitched 1/4” seam around to a point 2-2 ½” from where you started (you’ll use this opening to turn the pocket). Trim seams, clip the corners/notches on curved seams. Turn pocket right side out and push out the corners with a point turner, chopstick, etc. Press.
14.  To place the pocket on the dress, find the halfway point from the top casing to the hem. Move the pocket 1 - 2” above that halfway point and about 2” from the side seam. The turned opening should face the dress’s side.
15.  Attach the pocket, stitching close to the edge and backstitching at both top corners.
16.  Stand Back and admire your creation!


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