Saturday, November 10, 2012

Here we go again.  I am getting into it now !  I went on retreat in September and started a new quilt.  It is done!  I am excited to say that my husband will now have a quilt.  Created from the heart of all the t-shirts that he has ever collected at his basketball camp.  It is call Hoopaholics and it is a camp that benefits Child Haven.  He has been going for probably 22 years so this is quite a memory quilt for him.
He is not getting this until Christmas so SHHhhhhh.  It is a secret!!  But I am truly excited.  I did GREAT birthday for him this year and I am going to nail Christmas.  He is SO hard to buy for and I think he will truly like this one!

Also I finished Almost Alice's quilt.  It has been 2 years and so really...  It was about time.  I hope she likes it.  Mark bought the Block of the month for me on my 50th birthday.  And now I will give it to her for her 50th birthday.  Looking forward to it!

This Friday I will be going to an sew day and get a chance to work on the charity quilts.  I can really put that new Baby Lock to work!  Cannot wait!!

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