Friday, March 4, 2011

Oh my heavens it is March already. In this lovely area we have had storms, snow, rain, Mid-Winter break... It all sounds like crummy weather but it really has been a time to complete projects. So I am thrilled to say that I finished all the crazy quilt stitching on the Crabapple Hill pattern and believe I may drum up the courage to enter it into a quilt show.

The Pacific Northwest Quilt Show is this August. I don't begin to imaging that I would win anthing, but what an honor if I were to be accepted. I am excited to try.

So my piece is with Laurie Gustafson, who is quilting it now. I got an email yesterday that it is on her machine. SO I am sending Laurie inspiration to do magnificent things!

In the meantime I am hoping to beautiful weather. I am also sorting out all my projects for a retreat I am attending this month.

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